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The Master Pass

Four months of learning to level up your content and prepare you to get the most out of the Marketplace

This series of masterclasses offers creators a pathway and support to refine their content, define their brand, explore new income opportunities, and polish their pitch materials. Whether you attend classes in-person or online, you will be immersed in interactive exercises and have the opportunity to receive feedback. Attendees will also get to know their fellow creators and make valuable connections in advance of ContEnt Marketplace.

Every creator who purchases the Creator's Master Pass will be included in the ContEnt Creator Directory and have up to two projects listed. This is a searchable directory made available to all of the media buyers and potential sponsors who attend the conference. Additionally, creators who attend at least two of the classes and demonstrate a high level of quality in their content will receive a "One to Watch" endorsement in the directory, which increases your visibility even further.​


What is Your Hit Factor?

Attracting anyone (fans, sponsors, partners, buyers) to your content requires a deep understanding of what makes it special. This highly interactive workshop will help you clarify the core of your brand and highlight the elements that will allow you to become a hit.


JUNE 8, 2019

Understanding Your Audience

Learn ways to better define your target audience and craft content that they will love. Then discuss strategies to reach the fans who you know would love you, but just haven't heard of you yet.


JULY 20, 2019

Pitching Your Content to Sponsors & Buyers 

When you have the opportunity to pitch to people who can help grow your business, you need to be prepared to show them what they want to see and answer the questions they need to know. 


AUGUST 29, 2019

Finding  New Outlets for Your Brand

Creating your show is just the beginning. Savvy content entrepreneurs are taking advantage of other media to truly turn their content into a brand...and a viable business.


SEPTEMBER 28, 2019

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