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Aaron Simonoff

Talent Manager, Studio71

Aaron has been working with digital media since 2012, after originally starting his career in the traditional entertainment industry at the William Morris Agency. At William Morris, he worked in the video game department whose clients included SekretAgent (the writing team behind the Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia games) and Image Metrics (technology team behind building the facial rigs for GTA IV and Curious Case of Benjamin Button). He has worked with hundreds of influencers including Sky Does Everything (FKA Sky Does Minecraft), Leah Ashe, and Toby Turner. He has an extensive knowledge of analytics and has developed a keen acumen with regards to digital content strategy. He's also a lifelong nerd, so if you need someone to wax nostalgic over 90's cartoons and video games, he's definitely your guy.

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